2019 Studio88 Milestones…Celebrating 5th birthday of culture, art and textile tours of Poland, Experience Poland, solo textile exhibition “Whispering Land”, an affiliated event with the 11th International Baltic Mini Textile exhibition, and 6th year as a regular creative column writer for Greater Springfield Times


Artweart  Commission – British Royals’ First Australian Tour 2014

Jolanta Szymczyk commissioned to create a unique art wear for Deb Mostert, Queensland artist invited to attend Prince William and Catherine, the Douches of Cambridge’s official State Function. The garment was inspired by ironbark species (genus Eucalyptus).



‘When given the honour of attending the State Function in Brisbane for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the thought of ‘what to wear?’ sprang to mind. As an artist I wanted something original, quirky, beautiful and elegant while remaining true to my casual spirit. Jola came up with the most superb piece using hand dyed Merino wool and silks, in the gorgeous subtle, shifting shades of bush colours. I love my unique outfit with its shimmering blues, greys and browns and the way it changes every time I wear it.’

Deb Mostert www.debmostertartist.com.au